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Fab Brows Instructional Video
Easy How to Video for FabBrows from England

To Use Hair Tinsel: Take two to three strands of hair.  Lay tinsel with hair.  Tie hair and tinsel in a slip knot; then use finger holding knot to push knot toward scalp.  Your tinsel can now be shampooed, blown dry, curled, straightened, and otherwise styled.  Avoid heat over 425*F.  Your tinsel should last 2 or 3 weeks on average.  Be gentle when styling, washing, etc.
Tips for successful Tinsel Installation: When starting out, tie tinsel when hair is slightly damp.  For thin fine hair, use 4 or 5 strands with the tinsel.  For thick or coarse hair, 2 to 3 strands is ideal.

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Tying Tinsel
How to Tie in Tinsel

To learn how to use clay hair wraps use link below:

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