Beyond Beauty Boutique - Only found at fairs and festivals in select locations!
We strive to bring you the latest trends as they happen. Check out some of our hottest products for the season.  For special discounts and colors not listed please call or email.  Beyond Beauty Boutique
can be reached at 951-567-6646 or



Fab Brows
24 hour eye brow color and stencil kit ORDER NOW, GET FREE TWEEZERS!!
Price: $30.00
Choose color:
Brow Highlighter
Champagne Pink
Price: $12.00
Hair Tinsel
100% Silk Strand Hair Glitz
Price: $10.00
Choose your color:
Dancing Wings
Beautiful wings for kids' dress up fun!
Price: $25.00
Short Hair Wrap
Handmade 5" hair wrap
Price: $10.00
Long Hair Wrap
Handmade 9" hair wrap
Price: $15.00
Qwik Buns
Bun maker
Price: $10.00


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